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Product Support & Maintenance

For added assurance, Keit offers an optional Maintenance and Support Program (MSP) to optimise instrument availability and uptime. The MSP is designed to keep the IRmadillo at peak performance, high availability and ensure rapid recovery in the unlikely event of accidental damage or fault. It also ensures that any Keit software enhancements are available to you as soon as possible.


The Maintenance & Support Programme (MSP)

The MSP is an add-on support service purchased with maximum impact if ordered at the same time as the instrument. The key components of the MSP are:

  • Back-to-base repair (free parts and labour) due to faulty parts and workmanship
  • Diagnostic health checks (2 per year)
  • Keit software upgrades
  • IRmadillo firmware upgrades
  • Remote technical support – answers and advice
  • Discounted rates on additional application and engineering support

What’s not covered by the MSP?

The MSP is designed to cover unexpected component failures, annual maintenance and support (both in terms of calibration and hardware). It does not cover damage or misuse of the instrument such as:

  • Impact to probe caused by improper use
  • Exposure to pressures or temperatures outside of the permitted operating range
  • Irreversible deposition of process chemicals on the probe tip
  • Contamination of purge gas (oil, for example)

Health Checks

  • Health checks can be performed remotely, at mutually agreed times
  • They can either be performed entirely by Keit (with required network access to the instrument and its controller) or require customer intervention (by extracting and sending log files to Keit)
  • The health check includes a summary report and conference call to explain the findings and recommendations
  • A maximum of two health checks per year per instrument are included in Keit’s MSP

Download our MSP brochure and read more about the benefits of a maintenance & support programme for your IRmadillo.


Once it’s installed I don’t want to remove or change the instrument – so why would I take out an MSP?

Taking out an MSP does not mean you have to remove the instrument for annual maintenance or undergo any upgrades (firmware or software) if you do not wish to. We understand that if the instrument is operational you may not wish to remove or change it. We would strongly recommend a remote health check to spot any upcoming issues, which enables you to schedule any required work during routine plant shutdown. The MSP is designed to give you piece of mind, not dictate how you operate.

I will be using an IRmadillo on an important process – if the instrument goes down I need a replacement quickly, how long does it take?

Keit can offer a guaranteed replacement component to any MSP package. This can range from a simple guaranteed turnaround of 3 days to replace the instrument to having a spare, pre-calibrated instrument on your site ready to install at a moment’s notice. Please talk to Keit for more information.

Do you have local representation and service providers?

The robustness of the IRmadillo is in part because of the special components used to create its optical path and infrared light source. This means that it has no user-serviceable parts, and cannot easily be repaired in the field. At this stage all repairs are performed under a return-to-base methodology, but Keit is creating a network of local support providers to expand our capabilities in this field.

What’s the process to calibrate my IRmadillo?

Keit can help you with this process. The IRmadillo needs to be calibrated to become a universal concentration meter providing quantitative and/or qualitative measurements fitted to your process. We’ve written up the 3 Golden Rules of Calibration along with an easy-to-follow explanation to help both quality and speed in getting your IRmadillo calibrated. Download the calibration guide

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