Measuring reactions in manufacturing environments can be difficult and costly. With the IRmadillo™, a compact and rugged at-line FTIR spectrometer from Keit, you can get powerful real-time analysis of reactions right at the point of production.

Able to perform in production environments with minimal maintenance and high vibration tolerance, the instrument was originally designed for demanding space applications.  Keit now allows manufacturing industries to benefit from the power of rugged process FTIR spectroscopy.


Keit enables better control of industrial processes with real-time chemical reaction analysis.  The IRmadillo™ mid-infrared spectrometer has practical applications across multiple industries involved in the production of liquids and slurries:


Orange-Tri  Vibration tolerant

Hit it, shake it, put it next to your manufacturing equipment. Performs even in high-vibration environments. Make faster decisions with continuous real-time analysis.  Catch any problems in your process when they happen, not after they happen.

Orange-Tri Long-term stability

Extraordinarily stable with consistent performance and reliability. Optimise your production process with dependable analytical technology to reduce down time, worry and costs.

Orange-Tri Compact size

The compact FTIR spectrometer mounts directly onto manufacturing vessels and process lines. Obtain real-time insights of your reactions without the inconvenience and restrictions of larger instruments.

Orange-Tri Rugged and dependable

Super sturdy instrument with infrequent need for re-calibration. With reduced hassle, spend less of your time on required maintenance of your process instrumentation.

Orange-Tri Real-time analysis without the hassle

The novel optical design expands your monitoring reach by eliminating the need for long fibre-optic cables from the probe to your reaction. You get to know how your reactions are progressing in real time without the hassle of inconvenient connection cables (or remote sampling).

Orange-Tri Wide temperature range

Completely happy operating indoors or outdoors despite heat or cold. Reduce waste and improve your production processes in environments where standard instruments fail.

Want to see how rugged the Keit FTIR spectrometer is? Watch our video. 

Application Note

Glycol Dehydration

Recently, we tested our instrument to see if it could monitor the quantification of water in a petrochemical process – glycol dehydration.  If you’d like to find out the results of monitoring water in MEG and TEG, read more by clicking on the button below.

Process analysis - Oil & Gas
Application Note

Sugar Identification

We used our IRmadillo spectrometer as a sugar sensor. There are many different types of sugar molecules all with similar structures making them at times difficult to identify. We took the challenge to analyse a solution of seven different sugars simultaneously. If you’d like to find out the results and read more about this application, please click on the button below.

Process Analysis-Keit Sugars
Application Note


We monitored two different industrial fermentation processes with our vibration-tolerant FTIR spectrometer – a classical sucrose-yeast fermentation and an industrial bacterial fermentation – with great results.  If you’d like to read more about this application, please click on the button below.

Keit - fermentation vat

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