We are a dynamic company bringing an exciting new chemical analysis technology to market. We are always on the lookout for great talent to join our growing team.  Our products are mid-infrared spectrometers suitable for the harsh process conditions found in the Petrochemical, Chemical, Biorenewables, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries.

Keit Spectrometers is always looking for talented people to join the team, whether as employees or contractors. If you feel you have something to contribute then please get in touch (email The skills that are used within our business include:

  1. Optical Design Engineers
  2. Mechanical Design Engineers (SolidWorks)
  3. Project Managers
  4. Application and Sales Engineers, (Spectroscopy and Chemometrics)
  5. Software Development (LabVIEW)
  6. Firmware development (embedded C)
  7. Regulatory Compliance (21CFR part 11, ATEX, CE)


At Keit, we often require the services of contract engineers on either a short or long-term basis. At times the work will be in our offices in South Oxfordshire, England whilst at other times the work can be anywhere in the country or from home. The skill requirements tend match those of our core team, and so if you have any of the skills listed above then please do send in your CV to Even if we have no immediately applicable project we can put you on file and call you up when the need arises.

Job Applicant Personal Data Privacy Statement

As part of the recruitment process, Keit collects and processes personal data related to job applicants (such as found on a CV) to include for example: name, address, email address, telephone number, details of qualifications, employment history and information about the applicant’s entitlement to work in the UK. Keit may also collect personal data about the applicant from third parties, such as recruiters and/or references supplied by former employers. We need to process this data to ensure suitability of the candidate for employment, to enter into any employment contract and to ensure that Keit is complying with legal obligations. Keit retains this information in a secure system and will delete/destroy the information after a reasonable amount of time.  Applicants have the right to obtain a copy of their data and/or have their data deleted upon request.

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