Keit Joins CAMO Software’s OEM Partner Programme

Expanded Offerings   

CAMO’s Unscrambler® X ― a powerful multivariate analysis tool – available for integration with Keit’s IRmadillo on-line sensor for real-time process monitoring 

Keit announced partnership with CAMO Software (CAMO), a global provider of chemometric software, as part of their OEM Partner Programme.  The programme underlies the ability of the Keit technology to provide powerful analysis options for those clients needing better understanding and visualisation of their complex chemical reaction processes.  CAMO partners with leading instrumentation companies around the world specifically to enhance analysis of spectral data.

Dan Wood, Keit CEO, stated “This partnership strengthens Keit’s offerings to our clients. It formalizes the ability of Keit to provide streamlined offerings and efficiency of data analysis. Moreover, it is a further sign of Keit spectrometer’s ability to provide a wider range of options”.

For analysis of complex data sets

Dan continued “Our instrument and our Application Scientists have been working with CAMO Unscrambler® for a while and have been impressed with its ability to analyse multiple components in a sample – not just focus on one”.

“Formalizing the working relationship with CAMO affirms to clients that they can benefit both from our ability to capture data with our mid-infrared instrument as well as integrate with an analysis tool to interpret the results”.

Dimitris Alexandrakis, Partner Manager at CAMO Software, said “Our Unscrambler® tool reduces the complexity of spectral data to its underlying chemical structures and offers a comprehensive range of data pre-processing tools designed to remove the effects of light scattering from spectral data”.

Dimitris continued “It also offers advanced data mining using regression and classification methods including Support Vector Machines and powerful experimental design to create robust calibrations. All CAMO analytics software and solutions are 21 CFR compliant”.

Dan Wood finished with “Our Keit instrument is compatible with multiple chemometric packages, and some clients prefer to receive just the raw data. For others, having CAMO software as an option with the IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer greatly simplifies an already complex data interpretation process.”

About CAMO Software

Founded in 1984 by a group of Norwegian scientists, CAMO Software are pioneers and an established leader in multivariate data analysis. Today, CAMO Software has offices around the globe and works with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. CAMO Software’s analytical modeling, prediction and classification solutions are the preferred choice for over 25,000 data analysts worldwide across a range of industries. CAMO Software’s flagship simulation and prediction software product is The Unscrambler® X, recognized for its ease of use, exceptional data visualisation and advanced multivariate methods. CAMO also offers a range of software products which can be integrated directly into scientific instruments and process monitoring solutions.


Keit IRmadillo FTIR Spectrometer

About the IRmadillo™, an in situ production FTIR Spectrometer

The IRmadillo is a solid-state FTIR spectrometer that provides real-time reaction analysis for better process monitoring and control in manufacturing environments. The IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer is built tough and certified safe for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.  A novel and vibration-tolerant analytical instrument, the mid-infrared spectrometer is compact and robust. Unlike any other FTIR, the Keit instrument can be mounted directly onto manufacturing vessels or connected to process lines enabling continuous, real-time reaction analysis of liquids and slurries. 

About Keit Spectrometers

Keit Spectrometers provides rugged technology for real-time, in-line process analysis of liquids in manufacturing environments. Started in 2012 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire, England, Keit provides better monitoring solutions to companies around the world for improved manufacturing processes. The IRmadillo’s innovative design enables manufacturing industries to make faster production decisions for reduced waste and better resource management.

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