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Keit announces plans for ultrasonic descaler for the IRmadilloDiamond

Improving performance of industrial process analyser in chemically scaling processes

Oxford, United Kingdom 

Keit is pleased to announce plans to incorporate ultrasonic descaling into its product offering as a means to keep the IRmadillo process analyser operational in chemically scaling environments.  

Many industrial processes involving inorganic salts and compounds have inherent scale formation – for example, gibbsite formation in alumina refining, or pirssonite formation in pulp making. ATR (attenuated total reflectance) based analytical instruments have traditionally been susceptible to fouling and scaling, rendering them unsuitable for these environments. Keit has demonstrated that the use of ultrasound – typically in the range of 20,000 to 40,000 Hz – effectively removes scale from the ATR of the IRmadilloDiamond probes.  

This exciting development means Keit will be working with third-party suppliers of ultrasonic equipment to create an all-inclusive solution for incorporation into an IRmadillo installation suited to a wide range of environments. Initially this will be focused on process monitoring of alumina refining and pulp manufacturing, but has implications for all metals, mining and minerals (MMM) applications, as well as extending to removing biofilms during monitoring of industrial biotechnology applications. 

About Keit Spectrometers and the IRmadillo Analysers

Used around the globe, Keit has created the family of IRmadillo mid-infrared instruments to provide in-line, in situ process analysis of liquids over a variety of operating environments. Built tough with fixed sampling probes and a vibration-tolerant optical design, IRmadillo process analysers enable real-time analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation. 

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