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New High-Temperature IRmadillo25H

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Keit’s New in-line Process Analyser, IRmadillo25H, with compatibility of processes in liquids up to 220°C 

Oxford, United Kingdom

 Keit is proud to introduce the IRmadillo25H – a new high-temperature model in the family of IRmadillo process analysers. The IRmadillo25H is Keit’s newest option for industrial in-line monitoring of liquid processes at analyte temperatures up to 220°C. As an additional benefit, the high-temperature model is ATEX and IECEx certified safe for use in hazardous environments.  

Increased Temperature Range

Dan Wood, CEO, Keit, commented on the increased temperature range compatibility Many of our customers, particularly in the chemical and petrochemical industries have processes that run at elevated temperaturesWe’ve designed our IRmadillo probes to be rugged and remain in line over a range of operating and process conditions.  The IRmadillo25H fills the gap for those manufacturers needing an accurate and reliable in-line monitor for high-temperature processes in Ex environments”.

Process Monitoring Technology

Dan elaborated on the value of the IRmadillo An in situ spectroscopic analyser brings production engineers closer to achieving the goals of Industry 4.0. Specifically, in-line spectroscopic analysis provides information-rich data in real-time, enabling faster decisions on controlling processes to improve quality and reduce cost. Having a device that can remain in place during a process and tell you what’s going on inside the vessel or pipeline is invaluable to industries concentrating on making every production step efficient”. Dan continued “Keit continues to produce innovation with technology that can reliably and swiftly monitor processes that most standard analytical instruments just can’t handle”. 

About Keit Spectrometers and the IRmadillo Analysers

Keit has created the family of IRmadillo mid-infrared instruments to provide in-line, in situ process analysis of liquids over a variety of operating environments Now with a high-temperature model, Keit provides a wide range of options for a variety of manufacturing environments. All built tough with fixed sampling probes and a vibration-tolerant optical design, the IRmadillo process analysers enable real-time chemical process analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation.

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New IRmadillo with Diamond ATR

Keit’s New in-line Process Analyser, the IRmadilloDiamond, launched at Industrial Biotechnology Event in Glasgow

Oxford, United Kingdom:

Keit is delighted to introduce the IRmadilloDiamond – a rugged IRmadillo process analyser with a diamond-tipped probe for industrial, in-line analysis of liquid processes. Keit officially launched the model at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre’s (IBioIC’s) annual meeting held on 5-6 February 2020 in Glasgow.

Dan Wood, CEO, Keit, elaborated on the benefits of having a diamond attenuated total reflection (ATR) tip “Rugged by nature already, the IRmadillo now has the option of a diamond ATR for those customers whose production processes operate under rather more harsh conditions such as sterilisation-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) procedures – commonly found in the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) sector. The IRmadillo has always provided continuous, real-time data, but the Diamond tip ensures the instrument can remain in place throughout the entire cleaning process as well. This decreases production downtime, and safety issues”.

Keit's IRmadilloDiamond FTIR Spectrometer

Biological Reaction Monitoring Tool

Dan elaborated “We picked up a lot of interest from biorenewables companies such as bioethanol and biodiesel producers as well as from the anaerobic digestion industry. They are looking for a sturdy device to accurately and swiftly monitor alcohol and feedstock conversion processes using biomass materials in heavily industrial environments”. Dan elaborated “Needless to say, most standard process analytical instruments just can’t handle the difficulties that the IRmadillo spectrometer can — operating in production locations, indoors and out, yet providing continuous, reliable analysis”.

Developed with the Customer in Mind

Dan explained why association with IBioIC helped with the successful development of the diamond product “For the launch of the IRmadilloDiamond, the IBioIC 2020 annual meeting made sense. We became an industry partner several years ago because of their focus on the development of new technologies for the improvement of bioprocesses at the industrial level. This ticked all the right boxes for us”. Dan continued “We knew early on that the diamond product would be ideal for this market. We confirmed it by working with other members and gathering a true voice of the customer (VOC). Critical as well to the product development, was our trial with IBioIC that compared the IRmadillo with 3 other top spectroscopic techniques/technologies and the instrument came away with flying colours”.

Innovations in Bioprocessing Technology

Dr Ian Archer, Technical Director, IBioIC, stated “The IBioIC technical team, in collaboration with the Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technologies (CPACT), were delighted to support Keit with the IRmadillo product development. The IBioIC Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres offered Keit the perfect test environment for the IRmadillo, so we are delighted they have chosen the IBioIC 6th annual conference to launch the IRmadilloDiamond product.  With the rise in demand for biotechnology and fermentation processes, this product offers opportunities for real-time analysis monitoring across a variety of industries in which many of our members work, including bio-renewables, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, so we are sure there will be great demand from IBioIC members”.

About Keit Spectrometers and the IRmadillo Analysers

Based in the Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire, England, Keit has created the family of IRmadillo mid-infrared instruments to provide in-line, in situ process analysis of liquids over a variety of operating environments.  Now with two choices, the IRmadillo25 and the IRmadilloDiamond, both are built tough with fixed sampling probes and a vibration-tolerant optical design. They enable real-time chemical reaction analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation.

About IBioIC

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) connects industry with academic expertise and government to accelerate and de-risk commercialisation, to bring new biotechnology processes and products to the global market. It does this by offering scale-up facilities, talent development, funding provision, networking opportunities and promotion of Scotland’s unique assets. The Centre currently supports over 130 companies, 50 research projects, and works with 18 Scottish universities and research institutes. Over 100 students are currently engaged in IBioIC educational programmes, with a further 100 having already graduated. The Centre is hosted by the University of Strathclyde and located in the Glasgow City Innovation District, a hub for entrpreneurship, innovation and collaboration.

Download the Brochure – IRmadilloDiamond & Industrial Biotechnology

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