New breakthrough in spectral range with Keit’s IRmadillo™ FTIR

Keit announced a recent breakthrough of its rugged IRmadillo™ FTIR spectrometer with an increase in spectral range.  The instrument now provides the efficient analysis of liquids throughout the majority of the mid-infrared region from 800 up to 4000 cm-1   — a range beyond what the standard FTIR techniques that use fibre coupling hardware can achieve.  This improvement opens up the number of applications for the IRmadillo™ to provide real-time monitoring of processes such as in the analysis of:

  • Polymer and plastic synthesis (by tracking triple bonds or cyano groups)
  • Expensive catalyst tracking (by following metal-carbonyl bonds such as those in the Monsanto or Cativa process)
  • Improving the sensitivity of low concentration water monitoring in solvents

Keit continues to improve on this innovative process analytical tool for practical applications in manufacturing industries. Unlike similar mid-infrared spectrometers that are fragile, the shock-proof IRmadillo™ can be used directly in the manufacturing environment, either mounted directly onto or in-line with manufacturing equipment. Most importantly, it provides continuous real-time analysis of liquids during the production process to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

To celebrate the news — and to help people better understand their results — we’ve developed a “cheat sheet” for mid-IR spectral analysis that includes an easy to read mid-infrared absorption table, corresponding molecular groups and a few tips for better interpreting spectra.  Download the cheat sheet.