Keit at IFPAC 2019: Demonstrating Innovation in Process FTIR

IFPAC 2019 Keit Booth 506 IRmadillo

Meet us at IFPAC 2019 (4-6 March) in North Bethesda, Maryland (Booth #506). We’ll be showcasing our compact, on-line mid-infrared spectrometer, the IRmadillo.  Learn more during our presentation on Tuesday 5th March at this leading process analytical chemistry meeting in the US focused on innovations and technology.

See Real-time Differentiation of  Sugars, Alcohols, and Acids

Right at our booth we’ll show how easily our IRmadillo real-time process analyser works to monitor chemical reactions  – from differentiation of multiple sugars, to determining alcohol and acid concentrations in a complex process. Get to talk to our Lead Application Scientist about the new models of probes adapted to different industrial chemical environments: from a diamond ATR suited to high pH environments to our high temperature probe, and a probe developed for sterilise-in-place (SIP) procedures.

Learn about Recent Advancements in Analytical Technology

Mon., 4th March (1:05pm-5:40pm, Brookside A): Jana McGuin, Shushil Machhi, Mark Berge (Medimmune), Jonathon Speed (Keit) “Evaluation of FTIR spectroscopy for use in mammalian cultures”, Session: MON PM-V MSAT & Biologics, Topic: Real-Time Monitoring of Bio-Reactors and Bio-Processing

Tues., 5th March (1:05pm-5:40pm, Brookside B):  Dr. Jonathon Speed, “Turning an FTIR spectrometer into a universal concentration meter for the bulk and petrochemical industries“, Session:  TUES PM-IX-B Mass Spec/Process Spectroscopy, Topic: Process Spectroscopy

Wed., 6th March (1:05pm-5:40pm, Forest Glen Conference Room): Dan Wood for Dr. Jonathon Speed, “Comparison of vibrational spectroscopic techniques for biochemical and biopharmaceutical production“, Session: WED PM VI Smart Sensors for Bio-Processing, Topic: Process Control for Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical

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Can’t Make it to IFPAC 2019?

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