Keit at FEW 2019 – Bioethanol Monitoring

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Meet us at FEW 2019 (10-12 June) in Indianapolis, Indiana (Booth #2034). We’ll be showcasing our compact, in-line process spectrometer, the IRmadillo.  Learn more at our presentation during the world’s largest ethanol event at this annual Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo.  

See Real-Time Monitoring of  Sugars, Alcohols, and Acids

Right at our booth we’ll show how easily our IRmadillo real-time process analyser works to monitor chemical reactions of liquids in the production of bioethanol.

  • Direct observation of feedstock consumption into ethanol
  • Ability to differentiate between individual components such as different sugars
  • Monitor the reactions and check for peak productions without waiting for HPLC results

This rugged mid-infrared spectrometer is a simple, compact solution for in situ process analysis in industrial applications (with an added benefit of being certified safe for hazardous environments).

Wed., 12th June (3:30pm): Track 1 Production & Operations. Session title “Instrument Flying for Ethanol Producers: Utilizing Analytical Tools to Determine the Efficacy of New Production Approaches”. Dr. Jonathon Speed  presenting The Development and Implementation of a Universal Bioethanol Monitoring Sensor.

Visit Keit Booth 2034: Talk to our CEO, Dan Wood, and our Product and Applications Manager, Dr. Jonathon Speed, about the new models of probes adapted to different industrial chemical environments. 

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