Keit and Quantum Analytics Sign Distributor Agreement for Sale of the IRmadillo to Fine & Petrochemical Industries in the United States

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UK-based Keit Spectrometers selects established analytical instrumentation distributor to Fine and Petrochemical Industries in the USA


Keit is delighted to announce a signed distribution agreement with Quantum Analytics (Quantum), an established supplier of environmental and scientific instrumentation in the United States.  The agreement enables Quantum to support the sales of Keit’s rugged IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer in the US fine and petrochemical markets.

Dan Wood, CEO, Keit stated “Quantum was selected due to its established reputation for process monitoring instrumentation, the quality of support and knowledge of the target industries. From their Southern Technology Center in North Houston, Texas, Quantum will provide American manufacturers of petrochemical and fine chemical products access to Keit’s rugged FTIR spectrometer”. Dan continued “Our instrument fills a gap for the need to have a tough, mid-infrared process instrument that can provide continuous, real-time chemical analysis of liquids with dependability and stability”.

Dan Wood continued “The IRmadillo is completely different from other current systems and methodologies. Our novel optical design allows the instrument to be smaller, lighter, and more rugged — able to take on significant environmental vibration and movement – as opposed to current systems that are notoriously large, sensitive to plant operating conditions and require the use of fiber optic couplers or require remote sampling analysis.  The petrochemical industry, for example, has struggled with the best method to accurately monitor water content in glycols as part of a key production process. Our instrument can provide that real-time solution”.

“There is a growing need for better process monitoring and control in manufacturing environments,” said Scott Japczynski, executive vice president of Quantum Analytics. “We are very excited to be adding Keit’s IRmadillo’s spectroscopy product to our portfolio of enabling technologies that meet the demands of today’s evolving, automated manufacturing processes.”

Dan Wood concluded “Most importantly, our goal is to help people make decisions on the production floor through better process monitoring technology. While partnering with Quantum, we can help these companies improve quality, reduce scrap and improve facility utilization using a more practical, no-nonsense instrument”.

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About Keit Spectrometers & IRmadillo™

Based out of the Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire, England, Keit Spectrometers provides in-line process analysis of liquids with rugged technology. The IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer is built tough with a fixed sampling probe and a solid-state optical sensor making it vibration resistant. It enables real-time chemical reaction analysis of liquids at the point of production that challenge standard instrumentation.  More robust than any other conventional process analysis instrument, the Keit IRmadillo changes how manufacturers can monitor and control their processes in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Biorenewable, and Pharmaceuticalindustries.

About Quantum Analytics

Quantum Analytics, a Black Forest Ventures Company, is a value-added distributor for analytical instrumentation, offering an array of customized instrument financing solutions as well as technical services including cross-platform system integration, installation, training and product support. Quantum Analytics maintains close working relationships with leading analytical equipment manufacturers.

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 IRmadillo is a Registered Trade Mark in the US under 5389749, at the EUIPO under 016222408 and in the UK under 3185204.

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