IRmadillo “…stable, robust, precise…”

Keit’s IRmadillo purchased by leading forest products company

Oxford, United Kingdom: Keit is pleased to announce the sale of an IRmadilloDiamond process analyser to a leading international company in the forest industry sector for monitoring production processes in a manufacturing facility.  The company’s Senior Development Engineer responsible for the selection stated “During the long-time testing and demonstrations we have found IRmadillo to be stable, robust, precise and well suited for industrial on-line applications”.

Dan Wood, CEO, Keit, commented “Sales of the IRmadillo continue on a positive trend as we see more and more manufacturers seeking advanced on-line technologies for improvements in process monitoring along with increased automation. The latest sale to a leading forest products company is an indicator that the IRmadillo provides a clear solution to industries that seek out efficiencies through better monitoring and control of their processes. The customer’s statement regarding the IRmadillo’s stability, robustness and precision tells me that we’ve achieved what we set out to do with the IRmadillo as an industrial on-line analyser”.

Dan Wood concluded “As always, our goal is to help companies reduce waste and provide continuous improvement to the quality of their manufacturing processes. With a practical, no-nonsense instrument like the IRmadillo, we can promote improved process yields, throughputs and understanding. We are excited to see the IRmadillo help yet another client make faster, better decisions on their production processes”.

Keit's IRmadilloDiamond FTIR Spectrometer

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About Keit Spectrometers and the IRmadillo

Based out of the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, England, Keit Spectrometers has created the IRmadillo to provide on-line, in situ process analysis of liquids through pioneering technology. The IRmadillo process analyser is built tough with a fixed sampling probe and a vibration-tolerant optical design. It enables real-time chemical reaction analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation.

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