Expoquimia 2017

Keit at Expoquimia 2017 Barcelona

Expoquimia 2017  (2-6 Oct, Barcelona)

Every three years, there’s a dynamic world of industry and chemistry that come together on an international scale to share the latest in chemical production, process and instrumentation. This year in Barcelona, Keit Spectrometers will have an instrument at Expoquimia on display at the Antares Instrumentacion exhibit stand (GV P2, Street E, Stand 291) with a running demonstration of the IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer   Come see the rugged instrument in the Spanish “Ciudad Condal” and find out how a solid-state sensor opens up a world of possibilities to what chemical manufacturers can achieve using mid-infrared spectroscopy.

The International Chemistry Event

A comprehensive scientific and networking programme is packed over five days. Most of all, Expoquimia covers all the major sectors in chemical manufacturing. If you are looking for solutions, new ideas and opportunities, Expoquimia 2017 brings together speakers and vendors along the following themes:

  • Industrial Biotech
  • Maintenance 4.0 in the Chemicals Industry
  • Industrial Applications of Nanomaterials
  • New Technologies in Cosmetics
  • Smart Chemistry Smart Future
  • XV Instrumental Analysis Conference (JAI)
  • World Chemical Summit and other side events in the chemical industry

Can’t make it to Barcelona?

Keit’s travel schedule is packed this autumn. There are lots of opportunities to connect with us live around the globe.  Click on our Events tab for an updated list of all the places we’ll be.

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