Keit’s Rugged FTIR Spectrometer Receives Positive Results from Recent Performance Trial

December 21, 2015, Oxford, United Kingdom:  Keit Spectrometers announced today results of an independent application trial of Keit’s microFTS®, a novel Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer.  The microFTS® was tested for sensitivity, performance, and repeatability based on its ability to analyse a variety of mixtures under laboratory conditions.  The microFTS® has been developed with a novel optical design for improved in-line process monitoring making it a more practical instrument at an affordable cost.

Dan Wood, CEO, Keit Spectrometers, stated “The microFTS® spectrometer is smaller, lighter, and more rugged with the ability to take on significant environmental vibration as opposed to current systems that have a reputation to be overly large, sensitive to plant operating conditions and require the use of fibre optic connectors”.

Dan continued “We are very pleased with the latest testing outcomes. We asked the pharmaceutical analysis experts, Chiralabs, to run a series of tests using multiple common substances to find out how consistently the microFTS® would perform.  The analysis reports confirmed the microFTS®’ ability to detect and analyse common solvents used in pharmaceutical, chemical and petro-chemical industries with a very high consistency”.

The trial included the spectral analyses of ethanol in water, acetone in water, butanol in water, acetone in toluene, acetone in methanol, paracetamol in acetone. The spectral trends, content regression, repeatability and correlation statistics, limits of detection and quantification data was collected analysed and graphed.  Chiralabs’ reports included statements such as “The instrument performed admirably with no failures, providing quantifiable data with a high degree of repeatability”.

Dan continued, “I believe this trial shows that the microFTS® has a performance level suitable for many reaction monitoring applications, and the ruggedness to do so in environments that pose operating challenges to existing FTIR spectrometers”.

To receive copies of the final reports, please email Keit at

About microFTS®

Keit’s microFTS® is an innovative FTIR spectrometer initially developed for space applications. As a result, it is smaller, lighter and significantly more robust than existing FTIRs. Those attributes are now available for use in other industries through Keit’s on-going development.

About Keit Spectrometers

Spun out of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), Oxfordshire, England, Keit’s mission is to implement the use of novel optical designs in the development of new and improved analytical products for the factory and the laboratory. Since 2012, Keit has developed the microFTS® spectrometer with aim to service the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, petro-chemical and agri-business sectors.