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PACWEST 2021 virtual conference brings together Canadian mill managers, engineers and suppliers to explore the latest innovations within the wood fibre industries for optimisation of processing and production. Keit’s Product & Application Manager, Dr. Jonathon Speed, presents on Thursday, 3rd June 2021 (8:30am-11am PST)  “An On-line and Real-time Process Analyzer for Control in Pulp & Paper Manufacturing” scheduled in Session C. Automation & Controls.

Dr. Speed will present a technical overview of the latest analytical technology for analysing the Kraft process utilising the IRmadillo. The IRmadillo was designed to function in harsh, caustic & challenging industrial environments. Unlike standard process analyzers, it can be installed directly on-line or in-line with manufacturing process lines throughout the Kraft process. Jonathon will go into further details on this  innovation in spectroscopic design to enable on-line monitoring for real-time control of pulp & paper processes. His presentation will include:

  • Direct comparison of the static-optics spectrometer with near infrared (NIR), Raman and a traditional FTIR spectrometer
  • Performance of the instrument in a range of chemicals of relevance to the Kraft process specifically as well as other additives or high-cost chemical monitoring
  • Demonstrate the differentiation and quantitation of sodium sulfate and sodium sulfite simultaneously in aqueous mixtures
  • Explore the application of the technology in green liquor monitoring to unlock and improve process control and savings

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About Keit Spectrometers and the IRmadillo Analysers

Keit has created the family of IRmadillo mid-infrared instruments to provide in-line process analysis of liquids over a variety of operating environments – including those most challenging. They are built tough with fixed sampling probes and a vibration-tolerant design. The IRmadillo enables real-time process analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation enabling process optimisation & cost savings.

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