A Profile in Confidence: Keit in the Thames Valley Business Barometer

Keit was profiled as one of the regional business highlights in the January 2019 Thames Valley Business Barometer. In the profile, Dan Wood, Keit CEO, shared his views on Keit’s performance, the key challenges, and his opinion on the current economic-political conditions and their impact on the company.

Rooted in Oxfordshire, on the Harwell Campus 

Dan Wood commented in the profile that he has a positive outlook on current performance of the company noting a ramping up of sales and expanded operations on the Harwell Campus. Keit began with a space technology concept through the European Space Agency Business Innovation Centre (ESA BIC) on the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire, England and has continued to grow both in performance and manufacturing space. Now having launched a commercialised product, the IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer, Keit has flourished through the support of technology investors and access to world-class development facilities.

Business Outlook for the Future

Dan also stated he was confident in business prospects for the near future despite the uncertainty of the looming Brexit decisions, unlike the sentiment of surveyed businesses who reported a slight drop in confidence since the middle of last year. Despite potential hurdles, part of Keit’s confidence stems from a successful exporting strategy to key target markets in North America and Europe (with opportunities expanding into Japan, Australia and Scandinavia).

Advancement in Analytical Technology 

One of the factors sustaining Keit in this season of economic uncertainty is the ability to innovate – to take a technology that originally applied to space exploration and apply it to solve industrial manufacturing challenges in sectors that have a need for improved analytical solutions and are faced with unsatisfying alternatives.

The IRmadillo has been developed to be a real-time process analyser to monitor chemical reactions in liquids – from differentiation of multiple sugars, to determining alcohol and acid concentrations in complex manufacturing processes where current technologies struggle. Biofuel, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Food&Beverage industries rely upon instrumentation to monitor their production processes and to date are faced with limited options. Keit continues to differentiate itself with innovation.

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About the Thames Valley Business Barometer 

The Thames Valley Business Barometer summarises the results of a twice-yearly survey focused on economic confidence and corporate performance for the Thames Valley (Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex) – widely recognised as one of the top economic regions in Britain outside of London, particularly due to the technology sector. In addition, the issues include regional business profiles, a roundtable business discussion and highlights a current business trend.   The January 2019 issue includes the topic of cybersecurity. Read the January 2019 issue, or just Dan Wood’s interview on Page 9 of the report.

Keit IRmadillo FTIR Spectrometer

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Keit Joins IBioIC as Industry Member

IBioIC – Industry Member

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Keit Spectrometers has joined IBioIC as an Industry Member – an organisation aimed at supporting commercial businesses and academia in the industrial biotechnology industries by providing much-needed access to collaborative opportunities, resources, and networking.  Keit is proud to be a supporting industry member where innovation and collaboration play a key role in the successful application of our technology in manufacturing industries.

IBioIC’s mission  is to accelerate and de-risk the development of commercially viable, sustainable solutions for high-value (speciality & commodity) manufacturing in chemistry-using and life-science sectors. Keit is proud to be benefitting from our membership with collaborative trials evaluating on-line process analysis techniques across various instrumentation.

Visit IBioIC’s website and learn more about their innovative programmes for developing technologies for bioprocesses.

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