Keit at AOCS 2019: Real-time Oil Analysis

AOCS 2019 & Keit Booth 608

Meet us at AOCS 2019 (5-8 May) in St. Louis, Missouri (Booth #608). We’ll be showcasing our compact, on-line process spectrometer, the IRmadillo.  Learn more at our presentations during the Annual Meeting of the American Oil Chemists Society, a premier international science and business forum on fats, oils, surfactants, proteins and related materials. 

See Real-time Differentiation of  Oils, Fats, Sugars, Alcohols, and Acids

Right at our booth we’ll show how easily our IRmadillo real-time process analyser works to monitor chemical reactions of liquids.

  • Direct observation of oil degradation
  • Ability to detect blends of oils
  • Monitor the production and consumption of intermediates and check for contamination

This rugged mid-infrared spectrometer is a simple, compact solution for in situ process analysis in industrial applications (with an added benefit of being certified safe for hazardous environments).

Talk to our Product and Applications Manager, Dr. Jonathon Speed, about the new models of probes adapted to different industrial chemical environments: from a diamond ATR suited to high pH environments to our high temperature probe.

Learn about Recent Advancements in Process Analytical Technology

Mon., 6th May (10:30am, Hall 1): Technology Fast Track Session #1, Dr. Jonathon Speed What does an Armadillo have to do with oil analysis?

Tues., 7th May (3:00pm-3:20pm, Room 100) Session ANA3a: Rapid Methods of Analysis, including Portable Devices. Dr. Jonathon Speed presenting The Development of Robust Spectrometer for Online and Real-Time Oil Monitoring Quality

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