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News 2016

29 September 2016:   Physics PhD summer placement at Keit through the South East Physics Network (SEPnet). Read the work experience case study.

14 September 2016: Announcement: Keit Secures £1.4m Equity Funding Round. Read announcement.

11 August 2016: Announcement: Keit Certified ISO 9001:2015. Read announcement.

01 August 2016:  Application Note: Vibration Resistant FT-IR for In-Process Monitoring of Industrial Fermentation Process.  Spectroscopy, FTIR Supplemental Issue, August 2016, Vol. 31, issue 8, p. 38. Read Application Note.

28 July 2016: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: All-Star Innovators 2016. Keit made the list of all-star innovators in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for analytical and monitoring devices (Vol 15, issue 6, Jul/Aug 2016, pp 18-21) Read article.

30 June 2016: Announcement: New Hire Dr. Jonathon Speed.  Keit welcomes Dr. Jonathon Speed to the team as new Application Scientist. Read full announcement.

14 June 2016: Announcement: We’re Growing! As Operations ramp up, Keit has moved to a larger office space at the Harwell Campus. Same telephone number, new building number (R71).

17 May 2016: Spectroscopy, May 2016 issue, Vol 31, No. 5 (pp. 40-67), Read description under Mid-IR of Keit’s FTIR spectrometer in Review of New Spectroscopic Instrumentation 2016.

06 May 2016: SpectroscopyOnline, Keit included in editors’ summary of spectroscopy highlights at Analytica 2016 in Munich, Germany Click here to read the on-line article.

22 April 2016APACT Update: Keit Spectrometers’ Dr. Tim Stephens’ scientific poster at APACT 2016 “Online process monitoring with a compact FTIR spectrometer”. Click here to read Tim’s poster. Catriona McFarlan of University of Strathclyde presented performance results of Keit’s microFTS® spectrometer Click here to read Catriona’s poster.

10 March 2016PITTCON Update: Keit Spectrometers increased visibility by presenting at the new live demo session at PITTCON 2016 in Atlanta, GA, as well as a poster presentation by Dan Wood, CEO, highlighting the microFTS® FTIR Spectrometer. Click here to read the full poster content.


News 2015

21 Dec 2015Press Release: Keit’s microFTS® spectrometer receives positive results from a recent independent performance trial. The rugged FTIR spectrometer “…performed admirably with no failures, providing quantifiable data with a high degree of repeatability”. Read the full press release.

10 Dec 2015: Announcement: Keit Gains Trademark Registration for microFTS®, a Novel FTIR Spectrometer. Read the full announcement.