Rugged Process Spectrometer

Keit IRmadillo FTIR Spectrometer

The IRmadillo™ FTIR spectrometer is a rugged instrument certified for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments. Mounted directly on, or in-line with, manufacturing vessels, the instrument excels at continuous monitoring of industrial liquids and slurries.

Faster Results as They Happen

No need to wait for your results. With an in situ sensor to monitor your reactions live, the Keit IRmadillo tells you what your reactions are doing as they happen rather than after they happen — and where ever they happen.  No more waiting for your analysis results from remote sampling techniques such as with HPLC or GC.

Key Qualities & Rugged Components

  • Mid-infrared spectral analysis
  • Hastelloy or stainless steel probe material
  • ATR probe
  • Certified safe for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments
  • Compact and rugged
  • Low maintenance

Viewing concentration profiles in real time. An example of the Keit IRmadillo FTIR showing a fermentation process with consumption of sugars into ethanol.

GCC Jan 2018 Best New Product Keit IRmadillo FTIR

Innovation in Process Monitoring & Control

Standard FTIR analytical instruments are highly sensitive to vibration and ambient temperature— making them a challenge to use outside or on the manufacturing floor.  Keit offers an innovative solution for continuous monitoring of your processes in real-time over a variety of industrial applications – from detecting the quantity of water in glycol at a petro-chemical plant to measuring sugars and alcohol in a fermentation vat.

Industry Chemical Analyses
Petro-chemical Water in glycol, aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylene),
mono and poly-glycerides, alcohols (methanol, ethanol,
glycerol), esters, fatty acids
Fermentation/Biorenewables Sugar, alcohols (ethanol, butanol), carboxylic acids (ethanoic/acetic acid,
butyric acid), ketones and aldehydes (acetone), proteins, esters
anhydrides and carbonates
Pharmaceuticals APIs, reagents, reaction intermediates
Bulk Chemicals Acetic acid
Agro-chemicals Pesticides, fertilisers
Food & Beverages
Beer, Wine, Tea & Coffee
Sugars, proteins, acids, fatty acids, oils
Alcohol, caffeine, sugars & polysaccharides, acids
Fats, proteins, sugars
Fats, proteins, sugars
Nicotine, humectants
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Soluble cellulose, organic matter

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