IRmadillo Receives Ex Certifications for USA & Canada

IRmadillo Ex certificate USA & Canada

Keit’s rugged process analyser certified safe for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments

Oxford, United Kingdom: Keit proudly announces receipt of hazardous area certification in the USA and Canada for its rugged process analyser, the IRmadillo25 (Model ASM0627). Dan Wood, CEO, stated “Our standard model of the IRmadillo – the IRmadillo25 – has already received ATEX and IECEx certification for outside North America. Now with the Class 1 Division 2 marking, our North American customers operating in hazardous and potentially explosive environments can benefit from the rugged reliability of our analyzer”.

Expanding into the North American market

Dan further explained the significance of the certification “The instruments we have installed at customer locations to date have demonstrated the ease of use and low cost of maintenance that comes from using a process spectrometer with an internally static design. Achieving this certification will allow us to expand our sales further into North America and other jurisdictions that accept this hazardous environment standard”.

Innovation in Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

Dan stated “In manufacturing plants, PAT needs to provide accurate, highly specific metrics without needing complex and costly maintenance”.  He added “We have created the rugged in-line analytical instrument to provide production managers in even the most hazardous environments to benefit from the its ability to provide faster information for better yields and less waste”.

Keit IRmadillo FTIR Spectrometer

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About Keit and the IRmadillo, an in-line process analyser

Based in the Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire, England, Keit has created the IRmadillo mid-infrared instruments to provide in-line, in situ process analysis of liquids over a variety of operating environments.  The IRmadillo is built tough with a fixed sampling probe and a vibration-tolerant optical design. It enables real-time chemical reaction analysis of liquids in environments that challenge standard instrumentation.

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