Bio-Renewable Manufacturing

Bio-fuel manufacturer corn silos

Helping companies better understand their processes with FTIR in the production of sustainable bio-based resources such as bio-fuels and fermentation products.

The growing demand for bio-renewable products is creating new opportunities and manufacturing challenges. As new development processes emerge, the ability to monitor bio-based reactions is crucial. FTIR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for monitoring reactions and critically providing material identification capabilities to ensure production and quality. The Keit IRmadillo™ FTIR spectrometer enables continuous, real-time reaction monitoring with a compact, rugged instrument used right at the point of production.

Taking you from reaction modelling to full-scale production all with one instrument, Keit allows you to take the power of a laboratory FTIR and keep it at the point of production without having to build your own lab in your manufacturing environment.

Keit IRmadillo FTIR Applications and Capabilities in Bio-renewable Manufacturing

  • Tracking and material identification
    • Alcohols (ex., ethanol, butanol, etc.)
    • Carboxylic acids (ex., ethanoic / acetic acid, butyric acid, etc.)
    • Ketones and aldehydes (ex., acetone, etc.)
    • Proteins
    • Esters, anhydrides and carbonates
  • Raw material testing
  • Product purity testing and detection of unwanted by-products
  • Blend uniformity
  • Endpoint measurement for better capacity utilisation
  • Suitable for harsh environmental use (indoor or outdoor) over a wide range of ambient temperatures
  • Suitable for batch and flow systems