Events 2019

30-31 January 2019 – IBioIC Annual Meeting (Glasgow, Scotland).  Stand #16. Meet us at the Keit booth at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre’s 5th Annual Meeting.

4-6 March 2019 –  IFPAC 2019 (N. Bethesda, MD, USA).  Booth #506. Keit will be exhibiting and presenting new results with the IRmadillo at this key conference for advancement in process analytical technology.

30 April – 02 May 2019 – APACT 2019 (Chester, UK). Keit will be exhibiting at this CPACT event on Advances in Process Analytic Control Technology.

5-8 May 2019 – AOCS 2019 (St. Louis, MO, USA). Booth #608. Dr. Jonathon Speed presenting Tues., 7th May (3:00pm) Session ANA3a: “The Development of Robust Spectrometer for Online and Real-Time Oil Monitoring Quality”. Read more.

5-9 May 2019 – ISA AD Symposium 2019 (Galveston, TX, USA). The IRmadillo will be on display at the Quantum Analytics’ booth #303.  Come hear Keit CEO, Dan Wood, speak on Wed., 8th May  “How we turned an FTIR spectrometer into a universal concentration meter for the bulk and petrochemical industries” (8:15-9:45am, Ballroom A-B).

22-23 May 2019 – PEFTEC 2019 (Rotterdam, Netherlands). Stand #68.

10-12 June 2019 – FEW 2019 (Indianapolis, IN, USA). Booth #2034. Keit will be exhibiting at this international Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo.

25-26 September 2019 – SIMER (Martigues, France). Stand #49.

13-18 October 2019 – SciX 2019 (Palm Springs, CA, USA). Booth #307

15-16 October 2019 – GCC 2019. (Galveston, TX, USA). IRmadillo will be featured at the Quantum Analytics’ Booth #517.

27-30 October 2019 – RAFT 2019 (Ft. Myers, FL, USA). Table #25

25-27 November 2019 – DECHEMA’s Herbstkolloquium 2019 (Marl, Germany).

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