Events 2018

Pharmaceutical manufacturing vats

21-28 October 2018 – SciX 2018 (Atlanta, GA, USA).  Booth 814.  Keit will be exhibiting at this FACSS annual event.

16-17 October 2018 – GCC 2018 (Galveston, TX, USA). Booth 419. Keit will be exhibiting at the annual Gulf Coast Conference focused on the Oil & Gas industry.

02-03 October 2018 – ISA AD Saudi Symposium 2018 (Saudi Arabia). Keit will be exhibiting at the International Society of Automation’s Analysis Division’s (ISA AD)  first symposium in Saudi Arabia.

19-23 August 2018 – ACS Summer 2018 (Boston, MA, USA). Keit will have an instrument on the Quantum booth at the American Chemical Society’s (ACS’s) national summer event.

25-27 June 2018 – The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes (Prague, CZ). Keit will be presenting and exhibiting at this process chemistry conference.

11-13 June 2018 – FEW 2018 (Omaha, NE, USA). Booth 1333.  The International Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) & Expo is co-located with the Advanced Biofuels Conference.

7-9 May 2018 – AOCS 2018 (Minneapolis, MN, USA).  Booth 106. The IRmadillo will be on display at the annual meeting of the American Oil Chemists Society.

25-27 April 2018 – APACT 2018 (Newcastle, England).  Keit will be exhibiting at this international event on process analysis and control.

22-26 April 2018 – ISA AD 2018 Symposium (Galveston, TX, USA).  Keit will be at the Quantum Analytics Booth during The International Society of Automation’s (ISA’s) Analysis Division (AD) annual symposium.

17-20 April 2018 – Spring SciX UK 2018 (Glasgow, Scotland). Keit will be exhibiting at this new SciX event in the UK.

18-20 March 2018 – ACS Spring 2018 (New Orleans, LA, USA).  Booth 1007. Keit will be exhibiting at the annual American Chemical Society’s (ACS’s) national spring event.

14-16 March 2018 – AOG 2018 (Australasian Oil & Gas, Perth, Australia).  Keit will be featured at Thomson Environmental Systems’s stand (G27) during the major Oil & Gas exhibition in Australia.

5-7 March 2018 – Organic Process Research & Development (Clearwater Beach, FL, USA). Keit will be exhibiting at this leading process chemistry conference.

12-14 February 2018 –  IFPAC 2018 (N. Bethesda, MD, USA). Booth 506.  Keit will be exhibiting and presenting new results with the IRmadillo at this key conference for advancement in process analytical technology.

17-18 January 2018 – GCC (Gulf Coast Conference, Houston, TX, USA) .  Keit exhibited at the Quantum Analytics booth 628 & 629. We won the Best New Analytical Instrument! Read the news.

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