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Events 2021

10 February 2021 – PWC 2021 (virtual). Join Keit’s Dr. Jonathon Speed as he presents at PaperWeek Canada (PWC) – the annual conference on innovations in technology for the paper & pulp industry in Canada.

3-14 May 2021 – AOCS 2021. American Oil Chemists Society Annual Meeting.  Learn more about Industry 4.0 and advanced process control in edible oil refining during Keit’s presentation. Keit also presents e-poster on FTIR analysis for biofuel production.

4-5 May 2021 – TAPPIcon Virtual 2021. Learn about driving measurement technologies to the next level on 4th May 2021 at Keit’s presentation “An Online and Real-time Process Analyzer for Control in Pulp & Paper Manufacturing”.

3 June 2021 – PACWEST Virtual Conference 2021. Hear from Keit on technical innovations in Pulp & Paper process monitoring during this major Canadian industry conference.

9 June 2021 – Keit webinar hosted by Quantum Analytics ‘Taking FTIR out of the lab and into the plant”

24 June 2021 – AOCS webinar ‘Online FTIR analysis for process control of biofuel production’

13-15 July 2021 – FEW 2021 (Des Moines, IA, USA, Booth #1133). Join Keit at the annual Fuel Ethanol Workshop in 2021.

3-6 October 2021 – TAPPIcon Live 2021 (Atlanta, GA, USA, Booth #520). Visit the Keit exhibit booth at leading US Pulp & Paper conference. Keit will also be presenting on design advancements for process analytical technology in pulp & paper manufacturing.

18-21 October 2021 – Euro Fed Lipid 2021. Hear from us during Keit’s presentation on monitoring edible oil refining processes at the 18th annual Euro Fed Lipid Congress.

16-18 November 2021 – MiFFI 2021 (Copenhagen, Denmark).  Visit our distributor, Aage Christensen, at their booth to learn more about the IRmadillo during the 2nd International Conference on Microbial Food & Feed Ingredients.

Archives – Events 2020

23-25 November 2020 – Herbstkolloquium 2020 (16. Kolloquium Prozessanalytik).  Attend DECHEMA’s online event to hear Keit present at the annual conference on process analytics.

16-18 November 2020 – ICSOBA 2020 Virtual Conference.  Join online to see Keit’s presentation at the 38th International Conference and Exhibition of the International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium

4-6 November 2020 – AlChE’s FOODIE 2020 Virtual Conference Participate in the 3rd Food Innovation & Engineering Conference organised by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Listen to Keit’s Jonathon Speed present “The use of static optics FTIR for online control of food processing”

17 September 2020 – FEW 2020 Virtual Conference.  Join Keit online for Dr. Jonathon Speed’s session “Taking Analysis Out of the Lab and Into the Plant”

29 June – 3 July 2020 – Virtual AOCS Annual Meeting 2020.  Join Keit online at the first Virtual 2020 American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) Annual Meeting.

3 June 2020 – AOCS Webinar: Watch Keit’s Dr. Jonathon Speed present The Development of a Robust Spectrometer for Online and Real-time Monitoring of Oil Quality as part of the American Oil Chemists Society’s (AOCS’s) #WebinarWednesday Series. Recorded and available online.

5-6 February 2020 – IBioIC Annual Meeting (Glasgow, Scotland).  Meet us at the Keit stand #10 during the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre’s 6th Annual Meeting.

16 January 2020 – Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit (IRFS) 2020 (Altoona, IA, USA). Booth #27.

Archives – Events 2019

25-27 November 2019 – DECHEMA’s Herbstkolloquium 2019 (Marl, Germany).

27-30 October 2019 – RAFT 2019 (Ft. Myers, FL, USA). Table #25

15-16 October 2019 – GCC 2019. (Galveston, TX, USA). IRmadillo will be featured at the Quantum Analytics’ Booth #517.

13-18 October 2019 – SciX 2019 (Palm Springs, CA, USA). Booth #307

25-26 September 2019 – SIMER (Martigues, France). Stand #49.

10-12 June 2019 – FEW 2019 (Indianapolis, IN, USA). Booth #2034. Keit will be exhibiting at this international Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo.

22-23 May 2019 – PEFTEC 2019 (Rotterdam, Netherlands). Stand #68.

5-9 May 2019 – ISA AD Symposium 2019 (Galveston, TX, USA). The IRmadillo will be on display at the Quantum Analytics’ booth #303.  Come hear Keit CEO, Dan Wood, speak on Wed., 8th May  “How we turned an FTIR spectrometer into a universal concentration meter for the bulk and petrochemical industries” (8:15-9:45am, Ballroom A-B).

5-8 May 2019 – AOCS 2019 (St. Louis, MO, USA). Booth #608. Dr. Jonathon Speed presenting Tues., 7th May (3:00pm) Session ANA3a: “The Development of Robust Spectrometer for Online and Real-Time Oil Monitoring Quality”. Read more.

30 April – 02 May 2019 – APACT 2019 (Chester, UK). Keit will be exhibiting at this CPACT event on Advances in Process Analytic Control Technology.

4-6 March 2019 –  IFPAC 2019 (N. Bethesda, MD, USA).  Booth #506. Keit will be exhibiting and presenting new results with the IRmadillo at this key conference for advancement in process analytical technology.

30-31 January 2019 – IBioIC Annual Meeting (Glasgow, Scotland).  Stand #16. Meet us at the Keit booth at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre’s 5th Annual Meeting.

Archives – Events 2018

11-13 December 2018 – 5th Winter Process Chemistry Conference (Manchester, UK).  Ideal event to learn about process development and meet up with Keit at our exhibit stand.

3-5 December 2018 – Herbstkolloquium 2018 (Hannover, Germany). Dr. Edo Becker to present at poster session during DECHEMA’s annual autumn process analysis meeting.

13-15 November 2018 – FoodTech 2018 (Herning, Denmark). IRmadillo highlighted on the Aage Christensen Stand (Hall J, Stand 7224).

29-31 October 2018 – Organic Process Research & Development (OPRD, Milan, Italy).  We will be exhibiting at this leading process chemistry conference in Europe.

21-28 October 2018 – SciX 2018 (Atlanta, GA, USA).  Booth 814.  Keit will be exhibiting at this FACSS annual event.

16-17 October 2018 – GCC 2018 (Galveston, TX, USA). Booth 419. Keit will be exhibiting at the annual Gulf Coast Conference focused on the Oil & Gas industry.

19-21 August 2018 – ACS Fall 2018 National Meeting (Boston, MA, USA).  Booth 612. Keit will be at the American Chemical Society’s (ACS’s) national fall meeting and speaking every day! Read our list of topics and times.

25-27 June 2018 – The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes (Prague, CZ). Dr. Jim Rutherford will be presenting and exhibiting at this process chemistry conference.

11-13 June 2018 – FEW 2018 (Omaha, NE, USA). Booth 1333. The International Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) & Expo is co-located with the Advanced Biofuels Conference.  Join us for celebration cake on Mon 11th June (5-6:30pm) at booth #1333 and pick up a small thank you gift. Read more.

7-9 May 2018 – AOCS 2018 (Minneapolis, MN, USA).  Booth 106. The IRmadillo will be on display at the annual meeting of the American Oil Chemists Society.

2-4 May 2018 – MiFFI 2018 (Copenhagen, Denmark).  The Keit IRmadillo will be ready for demo on the Aage Christensen’s stand (Stand number 10) at the 1st International Conference on Microbial Food & Feed Ingredients.

25-27 April 2018 – APACT 2018 (Newcastle, England).  Keit will be exhibiting at this international event on process analysis and control.

23-25 April 2018 – ISA AD 2018 Symposium (Galveston, TX, USA).  Keit will be at the Quantum Analytics Booth during The International Society of Automation’s (ISA’s) Analysis Division (AD) annual symposium.

17-20 April 2018 – Spring SciX UK 2018 (Glasgow, Scotland). Keit will be exhibiting at this new SciX event in the UK.

20-22 March 2018 – 5th BioProScale Symposium 2018  (Berlin, Germany).  Keit will be presenting at this 3-day industrial-scale bioprocess symposium.

18-20 March 2018 – ACS Spring 2018 National Meeting (New Orleans, LA, USA).  Booth 1007. Keit will be exhibiting at the annual American Chemical Society’s (ACS’s) national spring event.

14-16 March 2018 – AOG 2018 (Australasian Oil & Gas, Perth, Australia).  Keit will be featured at Thomson Environmental Systems’s stand (G27) during the major Oil & Gas exhibition in Australia.

5-7 March 2018 – Organic Process Research & Development (Clearwater Beach, FL, USA). Table 5. Keit will be exhibiting at this leading process chemistry conference.

12-14 February 2018 –  IFPAC 2018 (N. Bethesda, MD, USA). Booth 506.  Keit will be exhibiting and presenting new results with the IRmadillo at this key conference for advancement in process analytical technology.

17-18 January 2018 – GCC (Gulf Coast Conference, Houston, TX, USA) .  Keit exhibited at the Quantum Analytics booth 628 & 629. We won the Best New Analytical Instrument! Read the news.

Archives – Events 2017

12 December 2017 – IRDG Christmas Meeting (UCL, London, England).  Presentations and Poster session mixed with Christmas Dinner at the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group (IRDG) annual Christmas Meeting.

29-30 November 2017 –  PEFTEC 2017 (Antwerp, Belgium).  Dan Wood will be presenting at this year’s petroleum, refining & environmental technologies conference. We’ll also have an instrument on display at the AAVOS stand 122 & 123.

28-29 November 2017 – Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis (Antwerp, Belgium) .  Stand 2. Keit will be exhibiting at the 3rd annual event that showcases synthetic chemistry involving hazardous reagents.

20-22 November 2017 – 13 Kolloquium Prozessanalytik, (Esslingen, Germany).  Stand 8. We are a sponsor of DECHEMA’s autumn colloquium focused on advancements in process analytical technologies.

07 November 2017 –  From Spectral Data to Chemical Knowledge  (University of Bath, England) Keit exhibiting at a one-day symposium jointly organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC’s) Molecular Spectroscopy Group, the RSC Chemical Information and Computer Applications Group (CICAG) and the Dial-a-Molecule EPSRC Grand Challenge Network.

29 October – 1 November 2017 –  RAFT 2017 (Bonita Springs, FL, USA). Booth 6.  Keit exhibiting  and Dr. Jonathon Speed to present at The Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology’s (SIMB’s) Annual Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology (RAFT) meeting. Read more.

8-13 October 2017 – SciX 2017 (Reno, NV, USA).  Dan Wood, CEO, to present at SciX 2017, a conference covering all aspects of analytical chemistry including innovations in analytical technology.

4-5 October 2017 – CPACT 20th Anniversary Event (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland). We’ll be celebrating with fellow members of the Centre for Process Analytics & Control Technology (CPACT) along with a presentation by Dr. Jonathon Speed. Read more.

3-4 October 2017 – Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) 2017, (Houston, TX, USA), Booth 914.  We are exhibiting at this chemical analysis conference focused on the Oil & Gas industry. RESCHEDULED FOR 17-18 January 2018.

2-6 October 2017 – Expoquimia 2017 (Barcelona, Spain, Antares Booth GV P2 , Street E Stand 291). We’ll have our instrument on the Antares Instrumentacion stand at this international industrial chemical show. Read our news.

7-8 September 2017 – BioTech 2017 (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Wadenswil, Switzerland).  Dr. Jonathon Speed to present a parallel workshop on the Keit FTIR during BioTech 2017; A new conference in the field of sensor technology and on-line analytics to enhance understanding of bio-processes.

10-12 May 2017 – EuroPACT 2017 (Potsdam, Germany), Stand 14.  Conference highlighting new technologies in process analytics.

23-27 April 2017 – ISA AD’17 (Pasadena, CA, USA).  Keit CEO, Dan Wood, speaking on technical panel Session 6, topic entitled “Glycol Dehydration Using a Novel In-Line FTIR spectrometer”

15-16 March 2017 – Analyse Industrielle 2017 (Paris, France), Stand L.10, An exposition featuring solutions to industrial process analyses.

1 March 2017 – ITF Technology Showcase 2017 (Aberdeen, Scotland).  Showcasing innovations in technology for application in the Oil & Gas industry.

28 February – 02 March 2017 – IFPAC 2017 (N. Bethesda, MD), Booth 506. A conference dedicated to Process Analytical Technology (PAT), QbD, Process understanding & control and real-time analytics.

22-23 February 2017 – SSPC’s CM2017 Workshop (Nr. Dublin, Ireland),  Pharmaceutical industry workshop focused on advancements in Continuous Manufacturing (CM) organised by SSPC (Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre).

Archives – Events 2016

Process Analytics 2016 (7 November 2016, Royston, UK). Keit Application Scientist, Dr. Jonathon Speed, to speak at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Analytics Division one-day meeting for Process Analytics organised by the RSC’s East Anglia Region.

ILMAC 2016 (20-23 Sept 2016, Basel, Switzerland). Stand D193 An innovative conference for process and laboratory technology.

SciX 2016 (18-23 Sept 2016, Minneapolis, MN). Booth 73.  A conference focused on developments in analytical sciences, instrumentation and unique applications.

Analytica 2016 (10-13 May 2016, Munich, Germany). Hall A2 / Stand 512B one of the premier international conferences for innovative technologies for laboratories in research and industry.

APACT 2016 (20-22 April 2016, Chester, UK). Keit exhibiting and presenting at APACT, an open forum for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and engineering advances relevant to process analytics and control technologies.

PITTCON 2016 (7-10 March 2016, Atlanta, GA), Booth 922 at the world’s largest annual conference and exposition for laboratory science.

IFPAC 2016 (24-27 Jan 2016, Arlington, VA), Booth 212. A conference dedicated to Process Analytical Technology (PAT), QbD, Process understanding & control and real-time analytics