UK-based Keit Spectrometers signs agreement with Swedish distributor, Greenhouse

Keit Greenhouse Distributor Agreement Signed

Expands sales and support of the IRmadillo into Pulp & Paper and Biofuel industries in Sweden and Norway

Keit is pleased to announce a signed distribution agreement with The Packaging Greenhouse AB (Greenhouse), an established provider of pulp and paper testing, engineering and training services based in Sweden. The agreement enables Greenhouse to support the sales of Keit’s IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer to the pulp and paper and biofuels industries in Sweden and Norway.

“We are looking forward to expanding into the pulp and paper industry as we know that the IRmadillo is an ideal instrument for providing real-time monitoring of the key process fluids” Dan Wood, CEO Keit, commented. He continued “What makes it additionally interesting is that these producers are expanding into biofuel production as they use the high-lignin wastes from their traditional process as feedstocks for use in novel bio-processes. We have already proven how effective the IRmadillo is at measuring both the hydrolysis and fermentation phases of multiple bio processes — so the combination of those with the traditional pulp and paper processes is very exciting”.

Dan continued, “Greenhouse is the perfect partner for this. They know the manufacturing processes with a strong history and tradition of forestry-related business in Sweden and Norway.  In addition, Keit’s technology happens to arrive just at the right time with the recent push by the Swedish government to make industry smarter, digitalised, and resource efficient through innovation and advanced technology. The IRmadillo was made for this”.

Anders Österberg, CEO, Greenhouse, stated “We look forward to helping Scandinavian industry work smarter – specifically in the pulp and paper industry where there is an increased awareness and desire for process optimisation through digitalisation”. Håkan Envall, Business Development, Greenhouse, added “The technology of the IRmadillo fits into a definite trend for the collection of continuous information during a production process – to go from gathering information every several hours to every minute clearly provides better control of the process and improves profitability which is essential in today’s competitive global market”. He concluded “The agreement with Keit is a natural and strong partnership with several clients in Sweden and Norway already eager to see the IRmadillo improve their process analysis”.

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About Keit Spectrometers & IRmadillo™

Based out of the Harwell Campus in South Oxfordshire, England, Keit Spectrometers provides on-line process analysis of liquids with advanced technology. The IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer is built tough with a fixed sampling probe and a solid-state optical design making it vibration resistant. It enables real-time chemical reaction analysis of liquids that challenge standard instrumentation.  More robust than any other conventional process analysis instrument, the Keit IRmadillo changes how manufacturers can monitor and control their processes in the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pulp & paper, biofuels, (bio)pharmaceutical, biotech and food & beverage industries.

About Greenhouse

The Packaging Greenhouse AB (Greenhouse) is a standalone player focused on education, measurement technology and engineering services in the pulp and paper industries. Greenhouse was formed from a collation of top forestry companies in Sweden to provide breakthrough technology and research into pulp & paper processing.  It oversees testing, engineering and education to foster better manufacturing practices and ensure process optimization.

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