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 Application Library – Fats & Oils

Our application scientists are busy compiling data to highlight the capabilities of the IRmadillo in monitoring fats & edible oil refining processes.

Application Note – Adulteration: FTIR: The IRmadillo for detection of adulteration in edible oils

Application Note – FFAs & FAMEs: Real-time monitoring of FFAs & FAMEs during edible oil refining process with an in-line process anlayser

Application Note – Iodine Value (IV): Determination of iodine value (IV) and glyceride evaluation in lipids using an FTIR process analyser

Application Note – Thermal Degredation: FTIR: The IRmadillo for analysis of thermal degradation in edible oils

Briefing Note: Industrial analyser for monitoring and controlling renewable diesel pre-treatment and hydrogenation processes

Brochure: Monitoring edible oil refining – Improving production with the IRmadillo

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